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Please see below information about our Curriculum in school. If you require any additional information please speak to your child's class teacher.

Creative Curriculum at St Joseph's 2018-2019
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 At St Joseph's our Creative Curriculum is based on a thematic approach. Please havea look at our 'Long Term Plan' to see the creatives themes being used across the year to ensure our curriculum is exciting, engaging and meaningful to all our pupils.

Opportunities and Entitlements
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As a school, we have decided that our curriculum should offer a wide range of opportunities and entitlements, both inside and outside the classroom. Click on the document link above to find out more!


Learning at St Joseph's
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At St Joseph's we base our curiculum around the 'whole child'.

Please click on the link above to find out more.

National Curriculum

In September 2014, the government introduced a new curriculum to be taught in schools. Using the programmes of study provided, we have worked collaboratively to create a curriculum that is fun, inspiring and relevant to the children of our school.

Click here to see the DfE National Curriculum Framework



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For details of our Curriculum please click the link above.

Curriculum 2017-2018
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All the staff, pupils and parents have been involved in the development of our Creative Curriculum.  It is inspirational for both pupils and teachers and  bespoke to the needs, entitlements and wishes of our pupils, parents and staff. Our curriculum is motivational and successful for all involved.

The curriculum is ‘themed’ across the whole school to enable the whole school community to share expertise and celebrate success.

Please click on the link above to find Creative Curriculum topic themes and themed weeks for 2017/18.

Each class page will have more detailed information about the skills being taught in each particular year.

Creative Curriculum 2017/18
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Read about our creative curriculum by clicking the link above.

Spelling Scheme
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At St Joseph's we follow the No Nonsense Spelling scheme in KS2.  By clicking on the link above you will be able to see a sample of this scheme.


Phonics and Reading at St Joseph's

At St Joseph's we follow the Letters and Sounds Phonics Scheme in KS1.

Click on the link below to see more

Reading Scheme

At St Joseph's we main use the 'Oxford Reading Scheme' however a range of different schemes and books are used to ensure variety and breadth for our readers.



British Values
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 At St Joseph’s school we aim to instill the British values outlined by our Government in all our pupils, so that they all understand what the people of our society see as being important and what we feel is right and wrong.

At St Joseph’s, we actively promote a culture of mutual respect and tolerance, democracy, the rule of law and individual liberty.  British values permeate throughout the school curriculum and support the development of the whole child.

To see how we do this in our school please click on the link above.

The 6Rs
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Click on the link above for the presentation on the 6Rs.

Growth MIndset
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Click on the Link above to see the presentation on Growth Mindset from our Parents Information Morning on Growth Mindset, the 6 Rs and Dojos held on 11th October 2016.

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