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26th June 19
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At St Joseph’s we aspire to teach the children to have respect for religious and moral values and to have respect for other races, religions and ways of life. We actively encourage the children to celebrate difference.

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School aims to provide the highest possible standard of education across the curriculum.

We wish to foster our pupils’ relationship with God and with others in order to be capable of reaching their full potential as responsible and caring adults.

We aspire to:

To provide a safe, caring stimulating environment for our children

To foster in our children a reverence for God; a sense of love and respect for one another, and a true understanding of the Catholic Faith

To see the values of God’s kingdom, prayer, truth, holiness, justice, love, forgiveness and peace at work in our school community

To deepen the relationship between the home, school and the Parish of St Joseph’s

To use the school’s Mission Statement as a basis for ensuring personal growth and professional development within our community

To help the children to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will help them to live a full and interesting adult life in the community.

R.E Curriculum:

Religious Education is provided in accordance with the Diocesan programme of study as directed by the Catholic Curriculum Directory. The Curriculum planning wheels are used throughout the school to support planning and coverage. They are supported by a the use of a variety of approved schemes which include "Come and See" and "The Way, the Truth and the Life" and also materials from Cafod. Time spent on this curriculum area is 2-2.5 hours per week depending on the Key Stage.

Daily worship:

There is a daily act of worship throughout the school, sometimes this may involve the whole school gathering together, a class gathering or a key stage. 

Sacramental Preparation for Reconciliation, Holy Communion and Confirmation is undertaken by the catechists prish alongside school.

Each week a class celebrates mass with the Parish. The beginning each school term is celebrated with a mass as well as Ho;idays of Obligation, where the children are actively involved in the preparation, celebrations and rituals.


Human Relationships and Sex Education falls within the general framework of Religious Education within the school, and in accordance with the moral and dogmatic teaching of the church. Parents are informed of any special programmes in sex education.

The School's HRSE Policy can be found here.

Parents have a legal right to request that their child be withdrawn from lessons in Religious Education or from acts of Collective Worship. This may be done in consultation with the Headteacher.

School Policies


Please click below for the link to our RE and Worship policies:

RE Policy

Prayer and Liturgy Policy