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26th June 19
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Welcome to Reception!


 The Reception Team

Miss Counsell - Class Teacher

Mrs Willetts - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Jancarova - 1:1 Support Assistant

We send a warm welcome to our children and their families starting in our Reception class this year. We look forward to sharing a fun and exciting year ahead with you all!

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Class Dojo

Thankyou to the parents who have signed up to our Class Dojos. Being a part of Class Dojos enables you to keep in touch with us and be updated with what is happening in our classroom.

Please keep checking our website page for updated newsletters, photos, things to do at home and useful links.

Our PE day is Wednesday. Please make sure your child has a PE bag containing shorts, t-shirt and pumps which are all clearly labelled. We will send it home for washing at the end of each half term. Please make sure all of your child's clothes are clearly named - young children can have a habit of putting things in the wrong bag! It would help if you could encourage your child to get changed independently at home.

Don't forget to register your child for school milk by visiting


These are some of the things that we will be learning this half term.

Summer 1

Summer 1 Skills : Adobe Acrobat file (515k)

Summer 1 - Our class newsletter

Summer 1 Newsletter : Adobe Acrobat file (358.4k)

Spring 2

Spring 2 Skills : Adobe Acrobat file (843.9k)

Spring 2 - Our class newsletter

Spring 2 Newsletter : Adobe Acrobat file (559.9k)



For the rest of half term we are learning about growth. We know that plants grow, we also know that animals and people grow too. This week we have been planting vegetables in our planting area. Take a look at our pictures.

Book Week


We have been very busy this week. This week has been book week at St Josephs and we have been celebrating our love of books.

Because we have been learning about people who help us we had a special visit from a paramedic. He told us all about his job role and how he helps people.

Our story of the week has been Mr wolfs Pancakes. 

Image result for mr wolfs pancakes We designed and made pancakes on Tuesday. They were delicious, we tried our best to choose healthy options.

On Wednesday we went to church to celebrate Ash Wednesday. We also swapped our old books for new books in our book swap shop. in the afternoon we spent the end of the day listening to year 4 read a story book! it was lovely to see the children listening to a range of stories read by the older children.

On Thursday we dressed up as our favourite book characters and took part in a range of fun book themed activities.

On Friday we finished our class story all about a T-Rex who roared so loud he made all his dinosaur friends fall over! 

Take a look at our book week pictures below.


People who help us


At the beginning of this half term we are learning about people who help us. We can name lots of people who help us and how. Today we had a paramedic visit us. He told us all about how he helps, why we might need an ambulance and he also showed us some of the things that he uses in his job.

Spring 1

Spring 1 Skills : Adobe Acrobat file (854k)

Spring 1 - Our class newsletter

Autumn 2

Autumn 2 - Our class newsletter

Autumn 1

 : Adobe Acrobat file (544.7k)

Autumn 1 - Our class newsletter

Useful websites


Here are some really useful websites to help your child with their learning.


NOTE: Please be aware of pop-ups which are blocked in school but may not be at home. Never allow your child to use the internet on their own.

Have fun learning at home!


There are many ways to help your child further their learning at home.

Why not give some of these a go....


Here’s a simple recipe:

1 cup of plain flour

1 cup of water

1 tablespoon cooking oil

2 teaspoons cream of tartar

Half a cup of salt

food colouring and essences (optional)

Put all ingredients in a large saucepan, and heat slowly, stirring all the time until it forms a ball. Keep it wrapped in clingfilm or in a covered tub to stop it drying out.


Then ….

  • Make numerals and shapes
  • Sort shapes into groups, or order by size
  • Make long and short wiggly snakes
  • Write your name with the dough.


In the street/ out and about

  • Recognising bus numbers.
  • Number plate hunt. Who can find a 7? Add the numbers up.
  • Comparing door numbers.
  • Counting – how many lampposts on the way to school?
  • Recognising familiar signs and symbols.
  • Looking for street signs that contain the first letter of your child's name.
  • Discussing the seasons, weather and plants around you.
  • Creating stories about your journey to school.
  • Play 'I spy...'


 Your child will enjoy any learning activity that is based on a fun, light-hearted approach linked to things they are familiar and confident with.

Most importantly....


Simply having a chat with your child can be the best learning experience of all.




Your child's will recieve homework every Friday. Many of these tasks are open-ended and may require your support to complete them. You will find a mixture of learning activities all of which are linked to our current class topic and interests. 



We take part in phonics daily. During phonics we learn new letter sounds and learn how to read and write words. We will often send home a list of sounds that your child has been learning. Please get your child to 'teach' you these sounds and encourage them to have a go at forming each letter correctly (see the guidance with each sound).




In our phonics work it is important we know the correct letter sound as well as the letter name. It is important that children are taught the pure sounds (for example M = mmmmmm rather than "muh") as this will help them read with greater ease and speed.

This video shows the correct sound for each letter. Please click here to access the video.

We will regular hold phonics workshops for parents to come along and see how we teach phonics in Reception.


Reading books

Please read with your child every night. In addition to their book from school, please help to foster a love of books by sharing other stories and visiting the local library.

Remember to sign your child's reading journal to let us know how well your child read and whether they enjoyed the book.

Bookmarks with tricky words may also be sent home these are for you to keep and for your child to practise.

If you have issues or questions about any of our homework please ask a member of the Reception team.